Sign Removal & Repair

J & R Custom Walls, INC. is an expert repair service for walls including damage from existing or previously existing signs. Sign removal causes damage to walls that sometimes can cause deep gouges in drywall. Patching and matching existing textures is crucial when a job needs to be done correctly.
Some types of signs need professional removal such as: flat acrylic lobby signs, room identifiers signs, wall murals on concrete or textured surfaces, vinyl lettering signs, lobby signs, and plaques all leave behind a damaged wall when removed. If removal of any of these types of signs are done incorrectly, such as just covering with joint compound, the surface will bubble once painted. Sometimes the wall is damaged beyond repair with patching and in these cases drywall replacement is necessary. Choosing an experienced wall repair company, such as J & R Custom Walls, is pertinent to a job well done. J & R Custom Walls provides professional drywall installation, finishes and repairs where no job is too small.