About Us

Drywall is the canvas in which all other artwork of the home is arranged upon. J & R Custom Walls, INC understands the phases it takes to do a completed job right. Instead of having a wide variety of contracted work, we concentrate on one; Drywall. We take pride in knowing we do a great job each and every time.

Prep and Cleanliness

A common prep procedure is to “bag” in and out of homes to protect your family’s valuables. If not done right, drywall hanging can ruin a home’s carpet, counters, cabinetry, etc. J & R Custom Walls strives for perfection in all aspects of our services, which includes protecting family’s valuables.

J & R Custom Walls’ technicians are meticulous at hanging tarps and taping off areas of specific concern. Rooms will be sealed off to contain dust and windows can be opened to be sure the dust has somewhere to travel. Every technician who steps into your home will wear protective gear for protection of carpets and to not track dust particles anywhere else in the home, such as shoe booties. Drop clothes on the carpet are at the utmost importance to protect the floors.

J & R Custom Walls’ technicians also work with home owners to remove or temporarily moving items that may be of concern, especially if they are delicates or breakables. Prep crews come handy with industrial vacuums to catch and rid of small and large dust jobs. J & R Custom Walls wants the customer to notice the quality of work done, not the mess left behind. Cleanliness is guaranteed.

Prepping for a job is just as important as the job itself. J & R Custom Walls takes pride in knowing we do the job right, the first time, every time.