J & R Custom Walls can design the most intricate or simple of arches. We have years of skilled hands behind our work and take the customer’s ideas and turn them into a work of art. We turn plain entry ways into beautiful grand entrances or just plain old rooms into something with a new feel.

A trained professional, such as J & R Custom Walls, is the route you want to go because even though it seems like straight forward work, it becomes fussy work. One wrong cut or curve and it will ruin the whole look of the arch. Careful planning by a professional will prevent.

To create a beautiful arch, first the customer sits down with the drywall expert to determine the type of arch and the feel they would like to achieve. Then the designer will make his plans to accomplish the task. J & R Custom Walls technicians work with the home or business owner through the entire process to ensure satisfaction in our work.

A wood frame will be designed to achieve the perfect arch and the drywall will be attached to the frame. The drywall is then molded to match the arch and prepped to paint. Seamless finishes are our specialty. Arches add an additional dimension to any room to make it more inviting and warm.