Acoustic Scrapes

Acoustic scrapes are most commonly used to remove “popcorn” texture on ceilings. “Popcorn” texture was a popular ceiling finish in the early 80’s. It is characterized by a lumpy look as a finishing touch. Acoustic scrapes are best left to professionals, such as J & R Custom Walls. If done incorrectly, acoustic scrapes can rip into or scrape the drywall causing unnecessary additional repair.
The process of acoustic scraping involves wetting and removing the existing texture and preparation for a new finish on the drywall. J & R Custom Walls prides itself on cleanliness so for acoustic scrapes we recommend removal of furniture and laying down drop clothes and/or plastic to protect flooring. These jobs can become very messy if necessary precautions aren’t taken to protect work areas. J & R Custom Walls technicians hold themselves to high standards when it comes to a job being done right the first time, every time.
Asbestos testing is recommended for acoustic finishes pre 1979.