Drywall texturing is seemingly a straight forward job but to an inexperienced hand it can become a daunting task. It becomes messy and time consuming, if a professional isn’t consulted to do the job; not to mention expensive in the cases of failed attempts of DIY. J & R Custom Walls has 10+ year experience in drywall finishes to suit any customer’s needs. Trying to match existing drywall finishes or textures in highly visible areas is something best left to professionals with many years of experience such as J & R Custom Walls.
There are 3 basic types of drywall textures: knockdown, orange peel and smooth finish. Within these 3 basics textures different looks can be achieved to either match existing textures on walls or create something completely custom for our customers. J & R Custom Walls technicians work directly with the customer to create the optimal finish they desire.
Knockdown texture most resembles stucco finishes, where the peaks of the finish are “knocked down”. Orange Peel, also referred to as splatter, has a smoother finish resembling an orange peel. This is the most popular in recent years due to the easy cleaning capability on walls and other surfaces. Smooth finish texture needs the most attention because it is the most difficult to achieve of the 3 finishes. This type of job is best left to an experienced drywall technician, such as J & R Custom Walls. These 3 are just the most basic way of texture application; J & R Custom Walls can create custom textures from one of these 3 bases.
Another aspect of drywall textures is a more personalized concept like custom hand textures such as “Old World” finish and personalized skip trowel textures. One of our J & R Custom Walls technicians can help you design the look that you ultimately want to achieve.