Garage Specialist

Garage Specialist Garages are usually the last place a home owner thinks to make repairs and by the time it gets any attention, a lot more has to be repaired than one might have imagined. Over time from extensive use, garage walls need repair from car damage, kids, or just reorganization of storage systems that leave walls unsightly. J & R Custom Walls specializes in creating a visual pleasing area that can transform the way you see your garage. Anything from wall repair, installation of new storage systems onto existing wall boards, or refashioning wall and ceiling coverings to give it a feel all your own.
There are many benefits of installing drywall into garages, also. It may prevent the mobility of potential fires inside a garage, somewhat sound proof a garage for work stations, and it may help regulate the temperature of your garage to protect what is stored away inside. J & R Custom Walls can help determine the type of drywall that is possible for garage makeover or repairs. J & R Custom Walls technicians specialize in garage make-over and pride themselves on jobs well done.