Paint prep is a very important aspect of a finished wall. If the wall is not prepped the correct way by a professional, there is the possibility of bowing, lumps, unevenness and generally grainy. Once these imperfections are painted over it makes them look even more noticeable. J & R Custom Walls uses careful planning to prevent sags, cracks, ridges and pops.

Basic prepping involves filling in any exposed screws and imperfections with drywall mud. Once the mud has set, it gets sanded down to eliminate any unsmooth areas. Dust and granules are wiped clean from walls then a layer of latex drywall primer will be applied. An experienced professional, such as J & R Custom Walls will take particular care not to over sand which will cause rips and/or tears in the original face of the wallboards. Pole sanders are generally used first to sand large areas at a time. Once the walls have been given a good overall sanding; hand sanding gets out any smaller area imperfections.

Again, paint prep is the last step in drywall installation so particular attention must be given to achieve the best results.